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Gafu-ten book  44th

Gafu-ten book 44th[9163-44] 

2019 year 44th Gafu-ten book B5 * Gafu-ten exhibition: It is the show…
Kokufu-ten book  93th

Kokufu-ten book 93th[9162-93] 

[Stock:18 ]
2019 year 93th Kokufu-ten book Gross weight: about 2.5kg *freight* ple…
Tokoname pot:Eimei 9.4cm

Tokoname pot:Eimei 9.4cm[p5838] 

[Low stock]
SIZE: W 9.4cm X D9.2cm X H 3.8cm AUTHOR: Eimei(Youzan/Tokoname)
The Bonsai Mosterpiece Collection  Vol.1

The Bonsai Mosterpiece Collection Vol.1[90204]  

112 page A4 with English translations
Yuuga(Gafu-ten speciall book)

Yuuga(Gafu-ten speciall book)[9226-new] 

Speciall collection in Gafu-ten 184 page A4 * Gafu-ten exhibition: It…
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